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Casemate Museum

Casemate Museum

Within the sanctuary of Fort Monroe lies the Casemate Museum, which chronicles the military history of “Freedom’s Fortress.” Free Entry. Self-Guided Tour.

Old Quarters #1

Building #1, Old Quarters

Served as the quarters used by Abraham Lincoln while planning the attack on Norfolk during the American Civil War.

More Points of Interest

Building #1, Old Quarters
Constructed in 1819, this building is the oldest house inside the moat. Major General Benjamin Butler declared three men who escaped slavery as contraband of war. Lincoln also stayed here while planning the attack on Norfolk in 1862.

Building #50
The historic engineer’s quarters

Building 17, Lee’s Quarters
Quarters occupied by Robert E. Lee and his family while he was a young engineer helping to oversee the construction of Fort Monroe.

Casemate #22
A fortified gun emplacement, part of the defense system of the fort.

Parade Ground
The grassy Parade Ground, surrounded on three sides by mature live oaks including the 500 year old “Algernourne Oak”, was historically used as much for recreation as military exercises and ceremonies.

Flagstaff Bastion
This site commands a view of the Hampton Roads waterway, one of the largest natural harbors in the world.