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The master plan process at Fort Monroe is about two-thirds complete. The Sasaki Design Team presented multiple options at the last public meeting and is now beginning to refine those options into three potential plans for Fort Monroe. The public input to the process has been essential to developing a balanced approach to the future of Fort Monroe.

Using studies of the potential for Fort Monroe, combined with the universal comments from the public to keep waterfront open to the public, the Sasaki Team has developed concepts for preserving the green area around the Fort, maintaining continuous open access to the waterfront, and highlighting the history at Fort Monroe.

The first idea is a crescent-shaped 40-acre waterfront park that extends from the Chamberlin to Outlook Beach and then across the property to Mill Creek. In addition, the Sasaki Team is imagining a 7-mile waterfront trail that traverses the entire waterfront and you only have to cross a road twice. Finally, as you travel the waterfront trail or visit other sites, imagine the ability to purchase an App for your phone that explains the history that you are standing near while you are at Fort Monroe.

The Sasaki Team will now begin to cross-evaluate the plans with economist to determine the most economically viable solution for Fort Monroe. We ask the public to remain engaged as we transition into the final design stages and begin the plan approval process.