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Current Projects

Waterline Replacement Project

The Fort Monroe Authority is planning to replace the 1940s-era water line to Fort Monroe. The line serves the former base exclusively but runs through other parts of Hampton.This project will replace approximately 6,000 feet of existing 14-inch diameter cast iron water line, located along East Mercury Boulevard between Old Buckroe Road and Fort Monroe. The new water line will connect in Phoebus and run primarily along County Street. It will also replace parts of the Newport News Waterworks pipes in Phoebus, including East Mellen Street, to boost water levels, primarily for firefighting.

This $4.6 million project is being funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and upon its completion, these new water lines will be turned over to Newport News Waterworks, our regional water provider. This is the first step in the Fort Monroe Master Plan to replace its existing utilities, and transfer ownership, operation and maintenance responsibilities for those utilities to the respective local and regional service providers.

Open Solicitations

All open solicitations for Fort Monroe will be posted on the Virginia Business Opportunities website.