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April 4, 1896: First Chamberlin Hotel, designed by architect Paul Pelz opened for business

April 7, 1928:  Second Chamberlin Hotel opened for business

April 7, 1934: Inaugural performance at the Fort Monroe Bandstand by the Coast Artillery Band

April 28, 1758:  James Monroe Birthday

April 28, 1779: Simon Bernard Birthday

May 3, 1858: Chapel of the Centurion consecrated

May 6-11, 1862: President Lincoln visits Fort Monroe and stays at Quarters 1

May 19, 1865: Confederate President Jefferson Davis arrives as a prisoner of the United States following the conclusion of the Civil War

May 27, 1861: Major General Benjamin Butler makes his “contraband” decision, determining that escaping male slaves who reached Union lines would be considered contraband and not returned to bondage

June 1, 1951: Casemate Museum is founded

June 10, 1947: General Dwight D. Eisenhower attends his son’s (John Eisenhower) wedding at the Chapel of the Centurion

June 25, 1813: British burn the City of Hampton during the War of 1812